Swarm Configuration Protocol (SWOP)
Automatic configuration of distributed applications

Looking at large distributed applications, some can recognize that managing such a system is not only time-consuming but complex. By splitting up a large monolithic software into small pieces a new management level for configuration comes into play. When adding new components into the system, those must be configured: They need to know where other components in the system are located, as well as knowing how to connect to them (protocol, credentials) and additionally functional parameters.

My bachelor thesis dealt with this configuration effort required for managing distributed applications. I’ve designed a protocol for automatic configuration of distributed applications, which minimizes the effort for configuration of distributed application.

A distributed application using this protocol organizes itself and is reminiscent of a swarm, therefore it was named SWOP: Swarm Configuration Protocol.

I’ve presented my results at a special event at University of Applied Sciences in Mainz. After explaining the complex problem to professors, company representatives and students I was awarded with the IT-award sponsored by the “IT Klub Mainz und Rheinhessen e.V.”.

Here are some impressions of the event:

Bild: Hochschule Mainz /

Bild: Hochschule Mainz /

Bild: Hochschule Mainz /

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