Who the heck is this guy?

Things you should know about me!

My fascination for software development started a long time ago when programming was still done in MS-DOS without knowing the internet. Starting with QBasic, I soon switched to Visual Basic.NET and embraced object-oriented programming.

I experimented with C and PHP, but ended up with Java, because it has flexible application areas and is widely used in companies. I expanded my Java skills by training as an IT specialist in the field of application development at LOTTO Hessen GmbH. There I became a Java EE specialist in which I work full-time today.

Halfway, I started a part-time study at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz (Germany) for a bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems. In my bachelor thesis I’ve designed a protocol for automatic configuration of distributed applications.

Right after finishing my bachelor’s degree, I headed into the master’s degree in IT-Management, again at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz. Together with my colleague and fellow student Andreas Kummer, we’ve developed an Open Communication Standard for eJustice in Germany and have been awared with the IHK Award 2020.

Meanwhile, I took on more and more responsibility in my company and my position at LOTTO Hessen evolved so I became the head of the software development team. This allows me to move forward, to shape a new generation of software developers, and to expand my leadership skills. New challenges await me, the story will be continued…