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Who the heck is this guy?
Things you should know about me!

I have started programming in my childhood. First I used QBasic within an MS-DOS environment. Soon I switched to Visual Basic .NET and learned the art of object-oriented programming.

I did some experiments and tried different things in C and PHP. In the end, I've ended up with Java, which fits in perfectly into my different environments.

I enhanced my Java knowledge in vocational training to an IT-specialist for application development at the LOTTO Hessen GmbH. At this time I became a Java EE specialist, which is my main area of work today.

Half way to the end I began a part-time study at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz (Germany) for a bachelor's degree in Information Systems. In my bachelor thesis I've designed a protocol for automatic configuration of distributed applications.

Right after finishing my bachelor's degree, I headed into the master's degree in IT-Management, again at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz.

The story will be continued...

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